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Announcing our 2019 course calendar

Posted by Overlap

With a new year comes a new set of course offerings from Overlap Associates! Whether you have some budget left to spend on professional development or you're really interested in learning more about human-centred design and facilitation, we have a great catalogue of courses to choose from. 


Introduction to Human-Centred Design
Looking to learn more about human-centred design? Interested in discovering how to apply design thinking to your toughest problems? This half-day workshop will begin with the basics of human-centred design. From there, you'll apply the information you've learned to a hands-on exercise. This course is for people who want to learn the basics of human-centred design and how to apply it to their work.

Upcoming course dates:
February 15
March 22
September 20

Introduction to Facilitation
Learn how to manage and close meetings in an effective and meaningful way. Using the ORID framework, a method for facilitating focused conversations, you'll help meeting attendees reflect on what they've discussed and learned. This will result in better alignment and understanding. Designed for people who want to increase their competence in presentation and facilitation.

Upcoming course dates:
April 26
June 21

Facilitating a Card Workshop
Learn how to facilitate Card Workshops. What's a Card Workshop? A Card Workshop is a technique used for planning, aligning teams, and achieving buy-in. Overlap uses Card Workshops during activities such as strategic planning, community engagement, and creative collaboration. Designed for people who want to increase their competence in facilitation and collaboration.

Upcoming course dates:
May 24
October 18


Master Class in Human-Centred Design + Creative Collaboration
Do you find some meetings feel unproductive? Are you struggling with generating new ideas? In this full-day workshop, we’ll begin with an overview of human-centred design: what it is, how it works, and what the go-to methods are. We’ll then spend the afternoon learning the concepts and practicing the skills needed for the production of new and useful ideas. 

Upcoming course dates:
March 8
June 7
December 13

Master Class in Human-Centred Design + Facilitation
Have you ever been in a meeting where you only hear from the same few people? What about a meeting that gets off track? In this full-day workshop, we’ll begin by learning about human-centred design—what it is, how it works, and what the go-to methods are. Then we’ll switch gears and learn about the focused conversation method of facilitation. The ORID framework structures sessions with progressive levels of questions —starting with Objective questions to establish relevant facts, followed by Reflective questions to explore the emotional impact of the topic, then Interpretive questions to surface connections and insights, and concluding with Decisional questions to settle on concrete next steps. 

Upcoming course dates:
April 5
October 4

Master Class in Human-Centred Design + Group Decision-Making
Is it difficult for your teammates to reach an agreement on something? Are too many opinions and ideas affecting your ability to make decisions? In this full-day workshop, we’ll learn about human-centred design—what it is, how it works, and what the go-to methods are. We’ll then extend the practice with Overlap’s favourite technique for surfacing, combining, improving, and prioritizing the best insights a group has to offer using a Card Workshop.

The Card Workshop is a wonderful way to ensure all voices in the room are heard. It’s also a great way for people with opposing views to reach consensus.

Upcoming course dates:
May 3
November 1

For more information about these courses and how to register, visit our training page



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