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Jordan Nottrodt

Jordan works remotely, from home or abroad, on projects that increase brand awareness, social engagement, and website traffic. She's a trained content marketer with extensive experience writing for SEO and building loyal audiences. Spark an immediate and detailed conversation with Jordan by mentioning Mad Men or Game of Thrones.

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12 Design Books for Your 2018 Reading List

Posted by Jordan Nottrodt

We asked our team to share their favourite, most inspiring, and most helpful reads from the year so that you can add them to your 2018 reading list.

The following books inspired and motivated us throughout the year, and we hope they will do the same for you.

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We Asked Kids Age 2 - 12 What They Want the Future to Look Like

Posted by Jordan Nottrodt

On Monday, November 20th, UNICEF is helping #KidsTakeOver for World Children's Day. Kids around the world will deliver the news, share ideas, sit in parliament seats, and more.

It's a day for children, by children, to help save children’s lives, fight for their rights, and help them fulfil their potential. Learn more about World Children's Day.  And join UNICEF Canada's One Youth movement to help make child and youth well-being a priority across the country.

This is a day of fun with a serious message, and we wanted our community of kids to participate too. Below is a blog written by kids. To participate, we asked:



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15 Free or Nearly Free Design Thinking Tools

Posted by Jordan Nottrodt


Embrace design to reach better results, achieve personal goals, thrive as a team, and improve the world around you.

Design Thinking is a process and mindset that's human-centred, iterative, and collaborative. Design Thinking methods are accessible to any industry and any experience level so you can get started today.

Begin applying this approach, and reaping the benefits, with the following free design thinking tools.

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5 Innovative Leadership Retreat Ideas Your Competitors Haven’t Thought Of

Posted by Jordan Nottrodt

This year, instead of the same old leadership retreat, why not give something new a try? Take a walk on the creative-side and embrace innovation, design, and collaboration across your team.

By pulling in design thinking tools and resources, you can build your own leadership skills as well as your team’s, all while learning from one another along the way. Below you’ll find five innovative leadership retreat ideas that will get your colleagues, organization, and competitors talking.

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Tags: Innovation, Human-centred Design, Collaboration

Using Ethnography in Design Research Can Unearth Problems You Never Knew Existed

Posted by Jordan Nottrodt

Using Ethnography in design research can reveal rich human insights.

What if, instead of sending out a survey or bringing people into the lab, you went out and watched how they behave in the real world?

Ethnography is a human-centred research method where you immerse yourself in participant’s environment to gain a more in-depth and often profound perspective of their lives. With it, you can uncover problems and solutions you might never have known existed.

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Tags: Design, Design Research, Human-centred Design

Why You Need to Focus on Human-Centred Marketing Now

Posted by Jordan Nottrodt

Human-centred marketing puts people’s needs first, which yields powerful engagement and customer-led strategies. Boost your impact by incorporating empathy-driven design practices into your next marketing plan. 

This article was written for Oak & Rumble communications studio.

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