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Remote Facilitation Webinar Recording

Posted by Ryan Voisin
Ryan Voisin

Did you miss our Webinar on Remote Facilitation? We've posted the recording for you to view and share with your team. Visit our Zoom recording page to view it at any time.

Poll Results

During the webinar we polled participants on a few questions. Here are the results: 

Poll 1: Which platform do you most commonly use?

  1. Zoom (42%)
  2. Skype / Microsoft Teams (32%)
  3. Google Hangout/Meet (17%)
  4. Cisco Webex (8%)
  5. GoToMeeting/Webinar (5%)

Poll 2: Which of these benefits to a remote facilitative approach are you most drawn to?

  1. The team feels confident moving beyond discussion to action (40%)
  2. More minds—everyone is participating and contributing to the process (38%)
  3. Teams build collegial, inclusive relationships (22%)

Resources for Working Remotely

Our team has written a collection of blog posts on remote work sharing what’s working for us, what isn’t working, and what we’re excited to try. Take a look and share them with your team:

Have questions about remote working? We'd love to hear from you: 

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