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Overlap Training Can Help You With These 5 Goals in 2020

Posted by Kyrie Vala-Webb

January to March are often filled with planning, budget reconciling or approval, and goal-setting. Whether you’re starting a new year, or wrapping up the last one, it’s a great time to think about what you’re aiming to accomplish at work, and how you’re going to get there.

Learning a new set of skills and tools is usually an important step in accomplishing something new, by yourself or with your team. At Overlap, our mission is to democratize design, so it’s no surprise that we’d recommend training about human-centred design and creative collaboration—we know these tools and mindsets are highly effective in many different contexts. We also know that our training helps people achieve goals that they didn’t expect.

Here are 5 goals our training will help you accomplish in 2020. You can also find out more about our training options on Overlap’s Training landing page, or look at our upcoming training dates at our Kitchener studio

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