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What is Design Thinking?

Posted by Ryan Voisin on March 01, 2017

What is design thinking? Design thinking is at the core of Overlap’s identity. We believe it is our purpose, as an organization, to make design thinking accessible to those who see its value and are interested in applying it. A major hurdle standing in our way is the lack of a common, concrete definition of what is (and what isn’t) design thinking.

In this post, you'll learn more about design thinking as a methodology and explore the parts of a design thinker's mindset.

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Tags: Design Thinking, Empathy

3 Occasions for an Empathy Map

Posted by Evaleen Hellinga on November 04, 2016

An empathy map is a way for you to understand the experience of an individual or a group. It’s a tool to help you empathize in a meaningful, useful way. You might have guessed, after reading about How to Use an Empathy Map, that the tool gets pulled out of our toolbelt often. We use them all the time in our work. Find three ideal opportunities for filling in an empathy map below, and scroll to the bottom for a free tool download!

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Tags: Tools, Empathy, Engagement, Human-centred Design, Community Engagement