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Three things you need to know about facilitation

Posted by Dr. Linda Carson

During a meeting, a good facilitator can help a group work through a conflict or arrive at a decision. No matter what your job is, facilitation skills come in handy. 

For the most part, it's pretty obvious what we need to do in our jobs at work and at home. But when things change or get complicated, next steps may not be so obvious. That's where facilitation comes in. Let's start by talking about what we mean we say facilitation. 

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Announcing our 2019 course calendar

Posted by Overlap

With a new year comes a new set of course offerings from Overlap Associates! Whether you have some budget left to spend on professional development or you're really interested in learning more about human-centred design and facilitation, we have a great catalogue of courses to choose from. 

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A Facilitator's Mindset

Posted by Rachel Hofstetter

“I discovered asking questions could be more empowering than answering them.”

Over my career I have spent literally thousands of hours delivering training.  I have taught groups of managers and employees, new hires and sales people.   Being very comfortable at the front of the room, I enjoyed helping people learn new things that would enable them to advance their careers or help them be more effective in their work. I’ve worked in environments that believed that if people are experiencing problems at work… “we can fix it with good training.”

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How to Facilitate Inclusive Ideation

Posted by Evaleen Hellinga

Generally, the reason we bring a group together is to accomplish things we can’t accomplish on our own. Leveraging the inherent diversity of expertise, of experience, and of perspectives in the group will get you to your most innovative ideas in an ideation session.

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