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How Sound Affects Your Hospital Experience and What Needs to Change

Posted by Dave Dowhaniuk

Human-centred design can transform hospital visits by putting patient’s needs first. Learn how sound affects hospital experiences and what the future holds for patient first care.

Sound, sight, taste, smell, and touch are all very much a part of any hospital visit. This post will focus on how sound affects your hospital experience including noise levels, alarm fatigue, and privacy, and you'll find initial human-centred design ideas that could help put patients first.

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Tags: Human-centred Design, Healthcare

Why Healthcare Needs More Makers

Posted by Brooke Young

Young makers can teach us how the healthcare system might apply big dreams, risk-taking, and feedback to achieve better, more human-centred results.

In 2016, I had the honour of attending a maker camp with my 10-year-old stepdaughter. I volunteered my time as a mentor because I miss working with kids and it got me in one of the coolest camps ever.

Throughout the week I started noticing some things that I found interesting and I started to think about how these insights might apply to healthcare.

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Tags: Design, Healthcare