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Announcing our 2019 course calendar

Posted by Overlap

With a new year comes a new set of course offerings from Overlap Associates! Whether you have some budget left to spend on professional development or you're really interested in learning more about human-centred design and facilitation, we have a great catalogue of courses to choose from. 

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6 Reasons to Start Solo in Idea Generation

Posted by Chelsea Mills

Reap the benefits of listening to many different ideas and combining the best together. Overlap’s first and most important rule is Start Solo in idea generation.

Imagine this: There are ten people sitting around a table, trying to solve a problem. Someone blurts out an idea. The group then spends the rest of their time together discussing and debating that one idea. They hear from the loudest and first to speak up. They never get to hear from the introvert, or possible expert in the room.

The rule of starting solo comes from our Chief, Creativity & Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Linda Carson, and she's made us all promise that if she's ever abducted by aliens, this is how we'll remember her. By always Starting Solo.

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Shake Things up with 6 Alternatives to Traditional Meetings

Posted by Overlap

Meetings have developed a bad reputation over the years for being unproductive and distracting. Too often, the meetings we run can stifle creativity and leave attendees feeling bored or even aggrieved that their time was wasted. Entrepreneur even suggests that Meetings Are One of the Worst Business Rituals. Ever.

While any meeting should be avoided if it's redundant, unnecessary, or undefined, there are still situations where a meeting is the best possible option.

Try these alternatives to traditional meetings to motivate your team and spark creativity across your organization.

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How to Facilitate Inclusive Ideation

Posted by Evaleen Hellinga

Generally, the reason we bring a group together is to accomplish things we can’t accomplish on our own. Leveraging the inherent diversity of expertise, of experience, and of perspectives in the group will get you to your most innovative ideas in an ideation session.

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