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How to Use Community Prioritization Boards to Make Decisions

Posted by Overlap

Decision making is tough enough as an individual, and it's even tougher as a community.

You want to be as inclusive as possible when making decisions as a community organization, but at the same time, you likely don't have the resources to try a whole lot of new ideas. 

You can find out which ideas resonate most with your community using a tool we call Community Prioritization Boards.

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Branching Out: Bringing the Library to the Community

Posted by Chelsea Mills
“The coolest experience I had was when as a child the KPL mobile library came near my home…I remember thinking that I was the luckiest kid to have the library come to me! It was such a special treat.”

One thing we hear often in our engagement is that it’s hard to get to the library. Some communities are just so spread out, it’s impossible to have a library location close to everyone. Some communities are growing too fast for library facilities to keep up, leaving a lot of areas underserved. Often traffic, congestion, and lack of transit compound all of these challenges.

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5 Ideas for Libraries as a Community Support and Refuge

Posted by Evaleen Hellinga

"I just got out of jail and the library is where I'm going to figure out the rest of my life."

One of the many virtues of public libraries is their accessibility. A library is one of few spaces that are truly open to anyone and everyone. That, coupled with the wealth of knowledge and resources that libraries offer means lots of people who are facing challenges in their lives seek refuge and support at the library. In our library community engagement, patrons express a deep appreciation for the library's sense of comfort and safety.
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Design Thinking, Belonging, and the Role of Libraries

Posted by Brock Hart

Our CEO, Brock Hart, gave the Keynote at the Kitchener Public Library Staff Day this month. Here's what he had to say:

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