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3 tips for your best prototyping yet

Posted by Marilyn Cameron

Wait, what is prototyping again?

A prototype is an object or artifact of an idea that someone can touch, hold, see, or interact with in some way so that they can offer feedback. When we have an idea, building a prototype give us a way to share it with others, work out the practical details and learn about what does and doesn’t work. It becomes a way to visualize learning and decision making. 

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Getting started with prototyping

Posted by Marilyn Cameron

What is prototyping?  

A prototype is the next step of an idea. It’s not enough to describe your idea. You need to build it because you will learn more about your idea when the people that will be affected by it can interact with it. Prototypes are tools for learning about and sharing ideas—ways to test assumptions and start new conversations to see if you are on the right track. You are building a model of an idea that people can interact with. 

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