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A Downtown Kitchener Guide for Visitors and Curious Locals

Posted by Jordan Nottrodt on March 26, 2018

The following Downtown Kitchener Guide was influenced by the Overlap team, who work (and live) in Downtown Kitchener. They’ve scoped out downtown necessities and uncovered many local treasures.

Kitchener is well-known internationally for hosting the second largest Oktoberfest in the world, but as anyone that’s visited or lived here will tell you, Kitchener has much more to offer than Oktoberfest.

This Downtown Kitchener Guide shares tips for getting around, local treasures, lunch deals, fun things to do around town, seasonal events, and more.

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How to Create an Ideal Workspace Using Human-Centred Office Design

Posted by Jordan Nottrodt on February 07, 2018

Human-centred office design can help you reshape your workspace to meet the needs of the people using it.

Taking a human-centred approach to design results in an office that works for your needs and not the other way around. A workspace designed for the people that use it can increase productivity, facilitate collaboration, and boost company morale.

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Rethinking Professional Development Because People Are Our Most Important Asset

Posted by Overlap on January 30, 2018

In 2018, Overlap is turning training inside out to focus on making ourselves the best trained team in the industry.

All Overlap employees are given five full days of Professional Development and can choose which courses best align with their Development Goals.


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Women in Entrepreneurship - Overlap Co-Founder Lisa Grogan Shares Her Thoughts and Advice

Posted by Lisa Grogan on December 06, 2017

For Women Entrepreneurship Day, Overlap’s Co-Founder Lisa Grogan participated in a Twitter chat with Startups Canada that got other Canadian leaders talking about women in entrepreneurship.

You can view the full chat on Storify and continue reading for Lisa’s chat answers as she shares her experiences running a women-led company as well as her advice for women in entrepreneurship.

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A New Look For Overlap Associates

Posted by Overlap on November 30, 2017

We’re thrilled to officially announce Overlap’s 2017 brand refresh.

After six years of rapid growth, we wanted to refine and refresh the existing Overlap look to create a more cohesive and polished visual brand identity.

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Overlap Awarded New Ontario Vendor of Record Status in Strategic Public Engagement

Posted by Katherine Hannemann on October 23, 2017

After over six years of conducting broad-reaching and in-depth engagement, Overlap Associates is now an Ontario Vendor of Record in the brand new Management Consulting (VOR #OSS-00426611) Role: Strategic Public Engagement.


As an official Vendor of Record (VOR), we are pre-qualified to provide goods and services for select public engagement projects within Ontario ministries and certain organizations, per the conditions of the VOR arrangement.

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Overlap Celebrates 6 Years of Sharing the Power of Design

Posted by Overlap on October 05, 2017

2017 has been a big year for Overlap.

We’ve been reflecting on our journey over the past six years - remembering our first little office above Shoppers Drug Mart in downtown Kitchener with just one desk, three chairs and a big vision to make a positive social impact in our world through our new business venture.

We’ve come a long way since those early days. This past March, Overlap moved into a new office with over  6000-square-feet to accommodate our growing team of brilliant designers.  

And this fall we had the honour of receiving the Canadian Business Excellence Awards for Private Business.

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The 25th Team Sets a New Standard For Global Giving

Posted by Overlap on September 12, 2017

UNICEF Canada’s 25th Team is a unique partnership that brought together 60 Canadian women to help women and children in need around the world.

Among these women is our very own Co-Founder Lisa Grogan.

Lisa and the other 59 members of The 25th Team, along with the Government of Canada, The Garrett Family Foundation, and Teck, have pledged a four-year financial commitment to change the lives of the world’s most vulnerable women and children.

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Why Overlap Offers Employees Balance Days

Posted by Overlap on July 20, 2017

A Balance Day is paid time off in addition to anyone’s current allotted vacation days.

Overlap contributes to healthy, fulfilling lives beyond work by providing staff with additional paid balance days off per year.

It’s important to recognize that there are certain days or certain times of the year that are busy. Balance Days are a way to acknowledge the dedication of all staff through these periods.

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Why I Left Fundraising to Work In Human-Centred Design

Posted by Alison Portt on May 10, 2017

Overlap’s Head, Relationships and Problem Framing, Alison Portt, shares her journey from charity development director to entering the world of human-centred design.

I made the decision to leave a successful career in fundraising to join Overlap, a social innovation design firm in Kitchener, Ontario. This massive career decision was a difficult one to make, but it was ultimately a long-time coming.

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