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How to Run a Sails and Anchors Retrospective: The Agile Way

Posted by Nicole Francoeur

Agile is a non-traditional approach to project management. It focuses on how the work gets done, collaboratively planning and doing the work together. Although the Agile philosophy and the frameworks that support it stem from the software development industry, Overlap has worked hard to articulate and leverage the value of Agile outside of the technology sector.

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Overlappers Reflect on 2019

Posted by Kyrie Vala-Webb

Reflection is a big part of what we do at Overlap.  As part of our Agile process, we reflect daily and weekly about challenges and wins, and take the time after a project has ended to identify successes, obstacles, and lessons we learned to apply to future work.

So it’s no surprise that the Overlap team is taking the opportunity at the end of a calendar year to reflect on 2019 and set some intentions for 2020. Here are some thoughts from a few members of the team about what 2019 was like for us at Overlap.

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