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We Asked Kids Age 2 - 12 What They Want the Future to Look Like

Posted by Jordan Nottrodt

On Monday, November 20th, UNICEF is helping #KidsTakeOver for World Children's Day. Kids around the world will deliver the news, share ideas, sit in parliament seats, and more.

It's a day for children, by children, to help save children’s lives, fight for their rights, and help them fulfil their potential. Learn more about World Children's Day.  And join UNICEF Canada's One Youth movement to help make child and youth well-being a priority across the country.

This is a day of fun with a serious message, and we wanted our community of kids to participate too. Below is a blog written by kids. To participate, we asked:



The distance in the future is up to you. Do you want to describe 10 years from now? 20 years? 200 years? Or 1000? It’s your future. If preferred, you can draw what you want the future to look like and describe your drawing.


Here’s what kids had to say


The Future by Agnes.png

Agnes hopes that the future is kind and helpful. This is a picture of a boy who lost his ball and someone else that found it for him.


“I hope the future is helpful. Helpful is like someone who finds something you’ve lost and you stop crying.” - Agnes, 5 and 3/4




“I like technology a lot, so I think technology could be incorporated and everything would be easier. You wouldn’t have to get out of your chair to make dinner” - Jonah, 11


Parent: “When you grow up what do you want life to be like?”

Max: “Like a Christmas tree.”

Parent asks again: “When you grow up what do you want life to be like?”

Max: “Like a Christmas tree.”

Parent: “Final answer?”

Max: “yep.”

- Max, 2


“Maybe snow and there are still trees.” - Margot, 3

“Donner and Blitzen will bring me a note.” - Colin, 3


Iris and Violet.jpg



“In the future there will be no tall buildings, more music, and more schools so more kids can go to school.” - Iris, 6

The Future by Violet.jpg


Violet (4) says that she will be able to say yes and no when she wants.


“I want the future to have flying horses, flying cars, no school, unicorns, rainbows, free stuffies, free pets, and free xbox for everyone. I want the future to feel soft.” - Maggie, 7


The Future by Sophie.jpg

“I want the future to have flying cats and dogs and cars. I want it to be kind to animals.” Sophie, 10


“I think the future will look like a lot of trees gone. Also I think the future will have no New York because of global warming or at least part of it will be gone. I hope the future is more accepting of people and stop judging people by their religion or what they wear/how they look.” - Annabelle, 12


“There will be more birds.”

Parent: “why?”

“Because there will be more trees.”

Parent: “why?”

“Because I’ll plant them.”

- Eric, 5


The Future by Celia.jpg

“If someone gets hurt they always get help.”

"I want it to be like anybody to be never ever living far, far away (in my family). I want snow when it snows. I want it to be not too cold and not too hot." - Celia, 7


“I️ want to drive a car. But with a robot.

Computers will be roboting. They will say, ‘We don’t know your language.'" - Eric, 5


A robot by Elle.jpg


- Elle, 7



Christ the King School in Brantford - Grade 2 and 2/3 classes:

What do you want the future to look like Grade 2 and 3.jpg

A big thank you to all of the kids (and parents) that helped make this post possible. Please enjoy these additional thoughts from Christ the King’s Grade 2 and 2/3 classes.

Continue following World Children’s Day using the hashtag #KidsTakeOver.


Christ the King School Grade 2 and 23 classes photo 1.jpg

Christ the King School Grade 2 and 23 classes photo 2.jpg

Christ the King School Grade 2 and 23 classes photo 3.jpg

Christ the King School Grade 2 and 23 classes photo 4.jpg

Christ the King School in Brantford Future.jpg


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